How to homemade hamster chew sticks?

Like any other pet, hamsters need something to keep them entertained and it is more important to help their teeth stay healthy. Best hamster chew sticks are made specifically for your tiny furball to help with both of those issues.

There are some chew sticks products that are sold out there in the market. But if you cannot rest your mind and ensure that these sticks are untreated, free from pesticides and chemicals work, then you can make it by your own.

#1 Choose the kind of wood that safe for hamster

The first requirement of hamster’s chew sticks is that they should be made from natural wood, pesticide-free, unpainted and untreated. Skewer sticks that you can buy from grocery store seem to safe for hamster as they are designed for human use. If you want to use natural wood from the outdoors, clippings of small twigs from fruit trees are safe for hamster. Hamster love apple and pear sticks.

#2 Wood to avoid

You should not use any stick that you can find in your backyard as they are dead. Hamster should be given fresh clippings from fruit trees. The branch that you find laying around on the backyard may contain parasites that can harm your hamster.

There are some certain types of wood also should be avoided are cedar and pine. This is because they contain natural oils that are harmful to the hamster respiratory system. Branch from the yew and oleander tree also poisonous for hamsters.

#3 Prepare the chew sticks

Normally, it is bunches of 3 skewers will create the ideal thickness for sticks of hamster. With a package of 20 skewers, you can make about 13 chew sticks. In order to ensure that there is no pointy ends of the skewer that can injure your hamsters, you should cut the end of the skewers.

Eventually, create bunches of 3 skewers by glue the them together. You will need to make a safe glue to hold these sticks together. Safe glue for hamster can be made by mixing together white flour and water at about half and half until a thick paste is formed.

Glue 3 skewers together to make sticks. You should wait to allow the chew sticks to dry overnight so that they do not fall apart inside your hamster’s cage.

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