How to brush your bunnies?

It is obvious that brushing is the best way to ensure that your bunny’s prized fur stays lush and healthy. Brushing is an essential part of caring for your rabbit and should be a time you enjoy spending with your pet. To make your grooming easier and minimal stress to the bunnies, you should have the best brush for bunnies and learn how to properly brush them.

Brushing your rabbit should not be done haphazardly. The process involves various steps and should be performed very carefully. If you’re still not sure where to start in, follow my guide below:

#1 Make your pet feel relaxed

The first step of brushing is ensure that your bunnies are comfortable. They are timid animals so they may scare and start kicking frantically while you pick them up. It is important to be patient and gentle. Your rabbit won’t immediately friendly with you so it is better to create a sense of familiarity and bond with them  everyday. Once you can pick up your rabbit, the next step is for you to introduce it to the brush.

Before you start brushing, allow your rabbit smell and bite the brush if they like. It will help them get familiar with the brush.

#2 Gently place your rabbits in your lap

You will need to place them in your lap to brush. But it should be done carefully and very patient. Stroke its fur to let you rabbit know you will not harm them. If your rabbit is comfortable enough in your lap, you can stroke their belly.

#3 Brushing

Get your brush and stroke gently in the direction of hair growth. You must get start on the back of the neck and move down to the just before the root of the tail. Remember to gentle approach and an even move slowly that is not too fast.

Rabbit skin is delicate, so take care. Use a Bristle brush in the start. When you are satisfied, use a Slicker Brush to finish brushing the back. For tough matts use a wide comb. There is a note that wire slicker brushes may be too sharp for your rabbit’s delicate skin.

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