What are the best paper bedding for rats?

Rat love to live in the bedding that is going to be soft, cozy for their feet and in a thinker layer, which will support their burrowing behaviours. One of the best bedding for rats that will create this perfect surface is paper bedding. Paper bedding is available everywhere, it is going to be easy to get it.

It is scoring high of absorb urine quickly, safety, and cheap. However, the paper filber also turn to mush rapidly so it may require to be changed frequently. Rats are sensitive, so ensure that you get the high quality paper bedding products with non-scent, avoid bleached bedding and printed paper since it can be toxic to your rat.

#1 Carefresh Small Pet Bedding

It is absolutely comfort bedding for rat as it creates the soft, dry, and cozy surface on the rat cage. It is made from raw, pure, natural paper fiber and have treated to pillowy-soft material, which ensure the comfort for delicate feet of rats. Not only that. It is texture also support the burrowing and nesting behaviour of your pets.

It has the ability of 2 times more absorbent than shavings, so it will helps keep the cage dry for a few days. Carefresh is guaranteed that this bedding will control the bad smell inside and outside the cage for about ten days or even more. It is entirely dust-free, what makes it safe for respiratory system of rats and easier for you to clean. However, this bedding does not offer the great aesthetic appeal.

#2 Small Pet Select Natural Paper Bedding

You should know that this bedding comes in the compact bad but it can Expands 3X in volume from its packaged size. That means you can get 3 times the bag with under $40. It comes in two sizes are 178 L and 56 L.

What I like about this product is that it is made from pure, unbleached, unprinted paper. Small Pet Select guarantee that it is 100% safe and contain no harmful residues for rats. It also offers the soft and comfortable surface that support your pets burrowing and nesting.

it is quite absorbent so you can be assured that your pets will get satisfaction on this optimal comfort bedding.

Since it extends 3 times than its volume in the beg so you may get difficult to get it from its bag to the cage.

#3 So Phresh Paper Pellet Small Animal Litter

It is made of 95% post-consumer paper, what make it not only environment friendly but also does not break apart even when it gets wet. Due to this, this bedding is extremely easy to clean and maintain. Its texture is paper pellets, so it keeps the texture good and absorb the moisture as well. These paper pellets is coated with the all-powerful baking soda, so the bedding is also does the great job to reduce bad odors from rat urine.

#4 Vitakraft Fresh World Strength Crumble Bedding for Small Animals

Another excellent odor control product that commit to prevent odors for up to 14 days. It is made from 100% recycled paper unbleached, non-toxic, chemical free, making it totally safe for rats. Besides, it offers the capacity of absorbent three times its weigh fo your pet can live in the dry, hygienic and smelling great habitat for a week without cleaning.

It is available in 975 and 2,130 cubic inch bags. Vitakraft guarantee 95% dust free, it is a litter bit messy than other 99% dust-free product. One more disadvantage is that it is More expensive than other options.

#5 Small Pet Select Unbleached White Paper Bedding

At the first sight, you may realize it look quite the same as the previous options that also come from Small Pet Select. However, it highly appreciated by its white color. Since it is white, you can easy know exactly where is the dirty part, wet part that should be remove and clean, what make it much more convenient for you. Although it is white, it made from unbleached paper along with the virgin paper.

It offer the soft, cozy bottom line and totally comfortable for the rat cage. Besides, it is entirely dust-free, does not contain any additives, dyes or irritants, so it post no harm to the rat health.

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