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Do you need cannabis copywriting? Are you in the cannabis or CBD niche and need help with writing potent content that wont leave your audience feeling burnt out?

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“The #1 new writer in cannabis & CBD copywriting”

“The Rookie of the Year”

“Truly astounding ability, words can not describe the level of talent, you would think he’s been a copywriter for 50+ years!”

“Goes above and beyond!”

I offer you a fresh invigorating perspective to give your copywriting that boost you’ve been looking for. I help clients to form the exact right words for the exact right people. This is done by using proven techniques of psychology to precisely and effectively communicate in ways others are unable to accomplish. I help clients to:

• Be a trusted respected face in an industry gaining social acceptance
• Standout in this ever growing and crowded cannabis / CBD market
• Form the words to create a lasting brand impression

When you work with me you will get fast response, clear communication, and under 48 hour turnaround on most projects.

If any of that sounds like what you need, contact me!

All The Best,
Jordyn L.

P.S. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed and I’m happy to make revisions to the content to make it work for you!


Q – Do you offer cannabis / CBD copywriting services?
A – Yes, being from B.C. I am well versed in the cannabis / CBD industry, with over 15 years of experience researching the medical benefits related to the cannabis plant. You will be tapping into extensive knowledge combined with powerful copywriting skills to provide a potent combination.

Q – Do you offer product descriptions for cannabis / CBD and related products?
A – Yes, you can rest assured knowing you have hired a specialist who knows the very specific language related to this industry. Someone who can speak directly to the consumer’s mind in their language.

Q – Do you write cannabis strain descriptions?
A – Yes, writing strain descriptions is the foundation for all cannabis writing. Everything you do in the cannabis industry all starts and comes back to the knowledge of cannabis and its different varieties and effects.

Q – Do you provide copywriting for CBD and its medical benefits ever?
A – Yes, the astounding medical benefits of CBD are the most ground breaking and revolutionary aspect of the whole cannabis plant. Being at the forefront of this industry and to help you benefit so many people is endlessly rewarding and fascinating.

If any of that is what you need, contact me!

All The Best,
Jordyn L.