What are the best mesh screen chameleon cage?

If you have ever looked for the best chameleon cage, you would know that chameleon cage is available on the market is relatively limited. This is because chameleons are not one of those common animals to keep as pets. Not all the reptile cages available are appropriate for a chameleon.

Chameleons require a large cage with proper humidity and a lot of plants. Mesh screen is usually the most common type of chameleon cages. Screen cages are also good for well ventilation and always significantly cheaper than glass cages. Screen cages are lighter and easier to assembler. Top 5 screen cages listed here are few of cage that appropriate for a chameleon.



#1 Zoo Med Reptibreeze Open Air Screen Cage

I consider it as the best overall cage for chameleons. My chameleon has been used it for such a long time. Most of all, it has the right size for the chameleon needs. This cage comes in at 24 inches long by 24 inches wide by 48 inches tall, this is the exact recommendation living space for chameleons. It allows a lot of ventilations due to all side screen. It also prevents over heating your pet.

The cage construct with aluminium frame for lightweight, corrosion resistant and affordable. It has a large front door and a bottom door for fully access your chameleon and easy change substrate and clean the cage. This cage is extremely easy to assemble as it comes with all of the needed hardware. You just need to screw all the part of the cage together.

You also can open the top of the cage for installing heating and UVB light at the top of the tank.

#2 Zoo Med ReptiBreeze LED Deluxe Open Air Aluminum Screen Habitat

Zoo Med ReptiBreeze LED Deluxe is the premium version of Zoo Med ReptiBreeze Open Air. That means it has the higher price tag but offer you more quality in the materials. While some users report that Zoo Med ReptiBreeze Open Air has the screen that may be weak and warp over time, Zoo Med ReptiBreeze LED Deluxe comes with the higher quality and treated aluminium that is corrosion and rust resistant, what make it sturdy, durable and long lasting.

Its dimensions are 24 inches long by 24 inches wide by 48 inches tall. The large space in the enclosure of this cage makes it ideal habitat for chameleon. The most attractive features of it is that it comes with touch-activated LED lights with three different settings.

Thanks to two large doors, you can easily clean, feed, and access your chameleon. It also features a clear, acrylic door panel, which allow you to clearly see your pet inside.

#3 Zoo Med Labs Nano Breeze Alumuninum Screen Cage

If you are looking for a budget option but still offer the good quality, you can go for Zoo Med Labs Nano Breeze Alumuninum Screen Cage. There is a not that the dimensions of this cage are only 10 x 10 x 12 inches. It is a good size for baby chameleons or small species. If you have an adult chameleon, this cage may be too small.

This cage does not comes with a lot of features but it is made from aluminium frame and corrosion resistant. Due to its small, compact size and cute appearance, it will be good for aesthetic aspects of your house.

The screen sides provide good ventilation. It is designed with the acrylic front panel, it is not also allow you to completely see your chameleon inside but also helps retain humidity and heat.

#4 Exo Terra Screen Terrarium, Large

Exo Terra Screen Terrarium is not an affodable option but it provides the hight quality and durable for long time. The mesh screen of this cage is made up of corrosion-resistant aluminum and black anodized aluminum frame for long lasting and also allow the UVB rays pass through the cage.

Its dimensions are 18 inches long x 18 inches wide x 24 inches tall. It many not quite short for chameleon but it still provide enough room for them. It features a large hinged door at the front size for easily access, feeding, cleaning. All side screen mesh and sturdy latches will protect your chameleon from straying out and other household pets. However, the drawback is that it is quite difficult to install light and heat bulb directly into the cage.

Why doesn’t my gerbil run on his wheel?

Gerbils are quite active animal. They love to run and room to explore. They also need exercise to stay active and healthy. This is why you should provide the best gerbil wheel in their enclosure. However, there are some problems may come with a wheel.

One of these is your gerbil does not use wheel. In this case, you can’t explain things to them, or teach them to use the wheel. But if you know the reasons on why don’t they use the wheel, the issues can be fixed. Your options may have to include buying a new wheel altogether.

#1 A wheel size is too small for gerbil

There is a basic guide that you should follow is that provide a wheel at least 20cm (8”) in diameter for an adult gerbil. Any smaller wheel will make your gerbil run in uncomfortable position, which could put pets off exercising. This is often the case with hamster wheels, because hamster wheels are generally smaller than gerbil wheels. Ensure that you choose the wheel that designed specific for gerbil.

Besides, If the wheel is very large they will obviously not run on it because it may too heavy and the gerbil get hard to move it. There is one more important thing to remember that do not choose any wheel with big gap between the bar. The big gaps can catch gerbil’s toes, paws, or tail and injure your pets.

#2 Your gerbil may be using it

Since gerbils are both nocturnal and diurnal, they are active at night and enjoy their activity at this time. This is a change that your gerbils use their wheel when you are not around to hear. Your gerbil may just be running on his wheel when you’re not there and you may be sleeping through the noise.

#3 Not all gerbils like wheels

These lovely pets have their own unique personalities. It can be the case that your gerbils do not like the wheels. They are not all the same, and in this case, you cannot fix it. Instead, you should provide your pets other form of exercise for them to stay healthy. There are some alternative method of getting exercise such as exercise ball, which allow your gerbil can run around the house in secure.

#4 Baby gerbil is scared of wheel

Not only wheel but any new things just be placed in the cage can also make your baby gerbils feel scare. Moreover, gerbils are tents to be lazy when they are young. In this case, you just need to wait until they get used to their wheel and ready to use it. If you get a under 6 weeks old gerbil, then he wouldn’t be old enough to run on the wheel yet.

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How to properly clean your hermit crab’s cage?

Hermit crabs carry shells around on their backs but these are not hermit crab’s home. If you want to keep hermit crabs as pets, you have to spend your time to choose the best hermit crabs cage, decorate it and also learn to maintain their cage. Cleaning your hermit crab’s habitat is essential to that health and comfort.

#1 How often should you clean your hermit crab’s cage?

Waste buildup, spilled water, uneaten food and exoskeleton molting residue can all contaminate a tank. Regular cleanings are really necessary and the best way to keep a hermit crab’s enclosure habitat in good condition. But the frequency of cleaning will vary.

If you have a large habitat with fewer crabs, your cage does not require cleaning as often as a smaller habitat with a larger crab. However, there is a basic rule that sport cleaning or taking care of messes things should be done daily, with more intense dedicated cleaning every week or two as needed.

Full, deep cleanings should be performed once a week or only once every few months, depending on the cage situation. If there is any sign of gnats, mites or flies, or any strong or sour odors, that means it is time that you should deep cleaning your cage.

#2 How to deep clean hermit crab cage?

For a deep cleaning, you will nee dto take your pets out and place them in the temporary housing. For sport cleaning, the crabs can be moved to a “play pen” while you clean their habitat. I would like to recommend that you should set up the temporary housing for a day or two before place the crab into it. Thi will ensure the temperature and humidity is suitable for the crabs to avoid excessive stress.

Secondly, you should replace all the snad in the cage and replace it or bake it in a thin layer in the oven at 250 degrees for 25-30 minutes to kill any bacteria. Before baking it, you should use sand scoop to filter out debris or wet clumps in the substrate.

Hermit crabs are often sensitive to chemicals. I usually use just hot water to wash throughly the cage and I think it is enough. Wipe the tank sides, bottom and top well with very hot water.

Next is boiling empty shells and toys. Boiling them to throughly clean for about 2-3 minutes. Other decorations of the cage cannot be boiled but you should wipe them with very hot water. Remember to wait until they dry before place them back into the cage.